Soup Season

October 21, 2004

Martha Stewart’s Corn Chowder

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s soup season!

This time of year, there are few things I like better than enjoying a nice, big, piping hot bowl of soup.

I love the whole process: setting it down on the table, stirring the broth to cool it down, inhaling its seasoned goodness, getting my glasses steamed up, blowing on a spoonful to get a taste, and feeling it make its way to my warm and happy belly.

I love hearty stews and steamy broths, bread bowls and Saltine crackers, Progresso and Campbells. I love it all.

Best of all, soup is so easy to make. You can chop up some veggies, toss ’em in a pot, add water and some seasonings, and let it simmer. An hour later, you have a batch of scrumptious soup that lasts the entire week.

This season, I hope to try my hand at corn chowder, potato leek soup, udon and arroz caldo, the Filipino porridge Mom used to make that made us instantly feel better.

What kind of soup makes you weak in the knees? Share your favorite recipes, then I’ll dig up mine and do the same.


  1. Sarah says:

    My favorite soups don’t really have recipes, per se. They were the crockpot concoctions my mom used to make in the dark winter days.

    She would take a soup bone and put it in a crockpot of water over night. She would chop some vegetebles and put them in the fridge for morning. In the morning she would remove the bone and add the chopped vegetables like carrots, potato, onions, celery and barley and lentils. Then the meat would be cool and pulled and picked from the bone. If she were using a ham bone she would add cabbage; if it were beef she would add tomatoes or tomato paste. She would go to work and by dinner it would be done.

    It was best served with buttermilk biscuts.

  2. SarahBeth says:

    I love soups with sweetcorn in them. I also love sweet red pepper and tomato soup. I want some now with some fresh bread. Mmmm

  3. lisaann says:

    i heart corn chowder! i’ve found a new recipe to try out, i’ll let you know how it turns out. my fave soup right now is whole food’s potato cheese. mmmmm.
    also: i went to the mecca of craft stores last night. you would have freaked! will email you shortly. xo miss you

  4. Michele says:

    My favorite soup is chicken corn soup. It is a Pennsylvania dutch recipe, and is very popular in Central Pennsylvania.

    It is very simple. Just boil the chicken in water, and add desired seasoning. Usually the PA Dutch just use salt, pepper and some parsley. Tear the Chicken in small pieces and place in broth, add desired amounts of potato, and corn. If desired you may add “ripples” which are just tiny dough balls.

  5. Erma says:

    I love tomato soup and any of those “Cream of…” soups. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to soups. I love it when my mom made arroz caldo for me. She used to only make it for me when I was sick. I should suggest to her that she make it even when I’m not, because then maybe i’d enjoy it more without impaired taste buds. Thanks for the comforting reminder, I think I may call up my mom and ask her for the recipe so I can make it for myself. :)

  6. Sarah Reed says:

    I guess you would call it soup–but it’s not. It’s chili. I make it with a half-pound of hamburger (sometimes I throw in a little ground sausage, too), black beans, dark red kidney beans, tons of onion, a tad of garlic, green pepper, tomato sauce, and this special chili powder I bought at an Indian-American grocer when the hubby & I were in Toronto.

    Mmmm. So good with tortilla chips or corn bread. I don’t really measure anything–but if you want the [approximate] recipe, e-mail me!

  7. the stinkowitz says:

    there is a soup controversy in my family. a stew controversy actually.

    my dad made a famous vegetable stew but one batch was the best he ever made. my uncle said that he put pickle juice in it and that that’s why it was so much better. years later, my dad still got mad when we mentioned.

    p.s., i heart progresso vegetarian vegetable!

  8. becky says:

    mmmm…I plan to whip up a batch of my mom’s white chicken chili this weekend. We should have a soup/chili party! Everyone brings their favorite and we all sample them :) Yum!

  9. Sharyn says:

    I’ve been making a hearty seitan stew, with onions, garlic, corn, chunks of potato and carrots, and basic flour dumplings, in a base made from water and vegetarian worcestershire sauce, with some dry mustard and paprika. It’s good for Fall.

  10. miha says:

    my fave is still ‘soupy’

  11. nicci says:

    I make a potato leek soup and everyone always raves about it. I use one med size sweet onion, three leeks, six or seven potatos and three or five stalks of celery. You chop it all up, boil the potatos with some of the onions till the potatos are soft and then add all the other veggies, some fresh parsley and a little dill. I let it simmer till the water goes down a bit and then add 2 to 3 tbsps of butter and two cups of cream, then let it simmer away! I also add salt and pepper throughout and some more parsley and dill at the end.

  12. Stephanie says:

    I love hearty bean and chili soups. There is nothing better than coming in from a day in the cold weather and being greeted with a warm bowl of soup. Yum. :)

  13. josie says:

    I usually make soup with tomato sauce, big chunks of potatoes, caramelized onions, brown lentils, carrot sticks and lots of spices.

  14. Stephanie says:

    One of my favorite recipes, and a very easy one at that is actually a weight-watchers veggie soup. Beef Broth, tomato paste, cabbage, green beans, carrots, onions, spices and Zuccinni is basically all there is to it. Saute the carrots, onion, garlic until they are just soft. Add your cabbage, green beans, broth, some beef boullion cubes, tomato paste, oragano, basil, salt/pepper, and any other spices you like (big cumin fan, here). Simmer for 20 minutes or so, ad zuccinni, cook ’till soft. easy peasy! Health and yummy. Can’t really mess it up.

  15. h says:

    not soup…more of a mush…but a delicious recipe that i have to share anyways.

    red lentils, a can of chopped tomatoes, a little curry powder, sausages (delicious italian garlic ones from our local farmers market preferably!) and water in a giant pot. especially good with warm crusy french bread to use as a lentil scoop.

    my S.O. and i made this the other evening and it was delicieux! *smacks lips*

  16. christine says:

    Yum! You all are making me hungry.

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