June 16, 2004

These days feel like a slow motion chess match: Black and white pieces gliding across the board. Sidra going away to college. Tonia moving up north. Michelle leaving Columbia. Kris jumping coasts. It’s hard to keep track of everyone going everywhere and, when I do try to, I just get sad. I’m going to miss them so much.

But this is nothing new. Many of my friends already live in different time zones. My family is already oceans and continents away. I just wish somebody had told me that “growing up” sometimes also means “going away.” I would have prepared myself for the sadness.


  1. bellacsg says:

    try not to let the sadness linger…try and cherish the changes around you & find new, hidden beauty. Time zones, oceans and continents can be navigated…try & make time for the adventure while it exists!

  2. Kate says:

    Well, it’s lucky then that my ‘going away’ is your ‘coming here’ because I’m about to book a flight for… NEXT WEEK! Will email you all about it. xo

  3. lisaann says:

    the people who go away are just as sad, sometimes, where life takes us. just means you have more places to visit! [hint hint] xox

  4. AnP says:

    i know exactly what you mean :(

  5. Stephanie says:

    Our passions take us in different directions. What is important is to bridge the gap and use technology (including planes) to our benefit. :) However, I do know exactly how you feel.

  6. stef says:

    i totally know what you mean…i feel your sadness.

  7. christine says:

    I know exactly what you (Stephanie, LD, Bella) mean. Joy sits right beside the sadness in my belly. I am so excited for my dear friends and their new adventures, and I’m thrilled that I’ll get to soon see their discoveries through their eyes.

    Speaking of adventures, I hope to post Philippines photos next week. Stay tuned! xo

  8. rica says:

    I also miss my friends :) good thing there is the email, IM and the mobile phones (SMS) so I still get to chat with them almost every day regardless of the time zone :D

  9. flow says:

    i know exactly what you mean. myself and my old friends (all of the 20 members since kindregarten) always stay in touch with the technology, and mail. so we know each other’s stories and watch them grow without us :)

  10. Gracey says:

    Sigh. That is so true. :/

  11. Sade says:

    Just bloghoppin’ and got to your page somehow….
    Sometimes, growing up can also mean growing apart. thank our lucky stars that going away doesn’t always mean growing apart. Hail the cyberworld. Smile! :-D

  12. Chrishawn says:

    I know exactly what you mean. But don’t you worry – true friendship lasts forever!

  13. Donavan Freberg says:

    Invite your sadness to tea, and listen to what it has to say.

    Then let it go and smile to the fact that change is the only constant.

    So hard.

    Blessings to you, your comment on growing up really resonated with me.

    So very true.

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