Lemonade stand

March 30, 2004

Media-savvy, non-profit worker bees on a Sunday afternoon


  1. Kim says:


  2. pt*:) says:

    That is so great! Are these your “kids?”

  3. christine says:

    No, these aren’t my kids! I met them in my neighborhood. I gave them a dollar and they were shocked that I didn’t want cookies in return. But they were so sweet and cute I asked if I could snap a shot instead. They eagerly agreed.

  4. ryan says:

    Gosh! I don’t see you for a few months, and suddenly you have a half-dozen kids??!?! You must be busy.. and perhaps a lady of questionable virtue!

  5. pt*:) says:

    Thought they might be kids you were working with*:) Ah, friendly neighborhood kiddies!

  6. ani says:

    How sweet! How was the retreat?

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