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February 20, 2004

There is comfort knowing we’ve only just begun.

“We are at the beginning of our life journeys. We are going to be 50 and still wondering what are we going to next.” — my dear friend, Tonia

It’s not just that Tonia is filled with delicious bits of wisdom like this. It’s that she shares them with conviction. You can’t help but believe it, too.


  1. Ben says:

    Hiya! I love your site. It fills me with an odd charming warmth not unlike my friend Crissy’s site:
    And your art is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Katie says:

    That’s what I want to be, fifty and still on the edge of my seat about life. Fifty and still ready for adventures, even if the adventures become of a quieter sort than they are today.

    And that’s what is so great about believing in eternity. They’ll always be a new tomorrow.

  3. crissy says:

    your archiving is super-impressive!!! just beginning my own webjournal, i worry about such future things… like that i should probably start archiving now to avoid cut-and-paste insanity later… you still seem sane though, so that’s a good sign! ^_^ thanks for sharing!!!

  4. christine says:

    Katie: What a lovely way to put it. I’m sure you’ll have some wonderful adventures.

    Crissy: The archives are so clean only because of Movable Type, the publishing tool I use to build this site. I used to do it manually way back when I first began, and it quickly became too much to handle.

  5. crissy says:

    movable type – cool! thanks christine, i’ll check it out!

  6. Alli says:

    But I have read them all. I was sorry to see the old girlpages entries weren’t in the archives as well. Do you still have them somewhere?

  7. josie says:

    i’m halfway through your archives already, christine! ;-)

  8. christine says:

    Alli: Sadly, my site at was removed from the site and, because I never checked that e-mail account, I didn’t have any notice. I may have the entries in a word file somewhere, but even if I don’t, I said what I wanted to say. Sometimes, that’s enough.

    Thanks for reading– and caring. xo.

  9. Chioma says:

    Actually you can still access Christine’s gurlpages archives here

  10. sydney says:

    Heehee! I love your site. Not only is it interesting, it does inspire me, like big time! keep it up christine!!

  11. lucia says:

    i’m gung-ho and excited about getting older. i know that the older i become, my taste buds are more curious, my traveling becomes more exotic, my clothes are more comfortable and colorful, strangers with a positive energy are my new friends, adventures are around, over, up, down, and under every corner and life is just a little louder!

  12. Kim says:

    You go girls, but I have to say that it’s easy to romanticize 50 when you’re still so far away from it. Your perspective will change one day. You are not at the beginning of your life – that journey began the day you were born. There is no magic in 50 – the magic is already inside you, and you can tap it at any time. Don’t anticipate your life – just live it. Oh, and sew while you still can. Arthritis often hinders creativity. My 47 year old hands can attest to that fact.

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