Surefire headache cure

November 17, 2003

1. Get in your car and drive. If possible, get on a highway. If there’s traffic, it’s okay. Keep driving.

2. Roll up all your windows.

3. Pop in your favorite CD, preferably one with lyrics you know by heart.

4. Turn up the volume.

5. Turn it up more.

6. Turn it up so loudly that you are slightly uncomfortable.

7. Sing loudly, really loudly, until you find the very top of your lungs. By the second or third track, you’ll be rocking out so hard that you’ll forget that your head ever hurt in the first place. Your neck will be looser. Your toes will be tapping.

Do you know what that is? It’s your whole body smiling.

* This cure has been tested and proven to work on grueling Los Angeles commutes. Do try it on your way home.


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