March 20, 2003

now more than ever we have to be brave and live out loud. we have to tell the people in our lives we care. we have to make time for laughter. we have to create beautiful things. teach others. volunteer. give. sacrifice. pray. believe.

it’s so easy to say and it’s even easier to forget, but we must try.

this weekend, i’m taking 50 high school students up to the mountains for a church retreat. there will be no tv, no radio, no cellphones, no internet. nothing but us and the trees and the wide open sky.

at first, i didn’t think i could do it. this is wrong, i thought. we can’t go up there at a time like this.

i wanted instead to hop in my car, drive to my parents’ house, hug them hard and stay glued to the tube all weekend.

but i realize now that this is what i need to be doing: talking with the youth about the world and God and the meaning of everything. finding hope in each other. staring at all the stars we hardly ever get to see.


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