Last Cigarette

August 2, 2002

if you, like my friends and i, are constantly asking each other “remember that one band…?” then you will be thrilled to discover vh1's artists a-z as a top notch resource.

just yesterday, i was submitting a song on mixmatcher, a crush i confessed long ago (scroll down). the playlist topic: cigarettes. naturally, the song Last Cigarette by dramarama came to mind. to find out the album it came from, i searched on both amazon and cdnow but, alas, the only CD listed was the band's greatest hits album. “this can't be!” i thought to myself, aghast.

and no, it wasn't. a quick search on vh1's site led me to a fan site where i discovered the answer: Stuck in Wonderamaland. there were days when i listened to dramarama and the smithereens all day long because i wanted to be cool like my next door neighbor, kim. that was a long time ago.


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