Shrinky-dink world

June 20, 2002

my aunt jinxed me when she told me to drive safely, so i got on the freeway going the wrong direction. i was already late, so this just made my heart beat and palms sweat even more. when i finally got to the club, rosie was already singing and i took deep breaths until the soothing melodies sank in.

halfway through her performance, two girls walked in. the first, a bleach blond and the second a redhead. the blond looked just like a girl i’d met briefly on monday but i wasn’t sure. another song later, and she came up to order a drink, looked at me once, twice, and then pointed. “christine, right?”

her name was sarah and we met at a hair salon, waiting for our dye to dry. she and her friend amber had been driving down the street on their way to another show and happened to notice “rosie thomas” on the marquis. amber knew a rosie thomas years ago but they lost touch and she was wondering if it was the same one.

it was.

after hugs and laughs, the four of us went to the back room, normally buzzing with people and swimming in smoke, and sat on an empty sofa. we discovered rosie used to play at my favorite college town coffeehouse and sarah owns a vintage shop a few doors down from eric’s apartment. the girls even teared up when felicity ended and hang out at the same haunts. what a small, beautiful world.

we were approached by rosie’s fans, new kids on the block and entertainment industry folks, and rosie asked us, “does this happen in LA a lot?”

no, i should have said, but making fast friends, running into people you haven’t seen in years and hearing wonderful live music down the street from your house does.


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