June 2002

Two in one

June 27, 2002

he was dressed for golf from the knees up. his feet, wearing loafers with gold buckles and dotted black socks, were ready for work. her string of pearls and lavendar sweater set were perfect for high society, but waist down she looked like just another orange county housewife. –blue awning caf


Teetering on the cusp

June 26, 2002

i have been reading my horoscope religiously and looking for answers in road signs. but tonight, while listening to a sad and beautiful song, i realized that maybe i’m looking for something that doesn’t exist. an arrow pointing somewhere, to some thing. something. maybe there are no signs and all the little coincidences that pop […]


Beans, cheese, rice

June 24, 2002

i get on these food-and-drink kicks, where i will crave for a week at a time a certain food or drink. there is no rhyme or reason, it just hits me and all of a sudden i want that one thing all the time. right now, it’s bean, rice & cheese burritos. i’m not anti-meat, […]


Mullet police

we saw them at baja fresh, waiting for their order of healthy, fresh mexican food. she wore jeans with bleach colored stripes down the back of her thighs, and he was barefoot. our eyes moved up his body and spotted, first, a sweat-stained wife beater and, next, a mullet. –baja fresh, The Valley



June 23, 2002

nevermind the fact that jeremy davies is a dreamboat nor the fact that the film itself was so fabulous its themes and style lingered in my head long after i saw it. no, nevermind any of that. right now, my favorite thing about CQ is the soundtrack. french pop is perfect for sunday.


Salt on my lips and stars in my stomach

we snuck out with a bag of popcorn and i felt like holly golightly in breakfast at tiffany’s, that scene where she and fred walk out of the five-and-dime wearing cat & dog masks they just swiped—all giddy. i got home, salt on my lips and stars in my stomach, and stumbled over a pile […]


Let’s dance

June 21, 2002

“do you want to dance with me?” he mumbled, teetering on his own two feet. “i’m not a very good dancer,” i said. “i get really offended when people say no,” he frowned. “i’m sorry.” he clumsily spun around once and then propped himself up against my table. “so, do you want to dance?” “no.”


Shrinky-dink world

June 20, 2002

my aunt jinxed me when she told me to drive safely, so i got on the freeway going the wrong direction. i was already late, so this just made my heart beat and palms sweat even more. when i finally got to the club, rosie was already singing and i took deep breaths until the […]


Dinner with the grownups

June 19, 2002

it was a dinner torn out of martha stewart living. the sun was setting, the perrier was chilling and the pasta was boiling. tables were set in the backyard with red floral china, napkin rings that looked like fresh berries and vases with a single rose bud. i kept notes with my eyes so that […]


The secret’s out

June 16, 2002

boy #1: “you seem sweet and lovable on your site, but in person you’re mean and loveable.” boy #2: “no, you’re just mean.”


The letter ‘P’

June 14, 2002

today, i am in love with the letter P and things that begin with it: popsicles, plants, pie, pencils, popcorn, painting, pianos, peanut butter, pizza, pop music, petunias, pavement, poetry, plastic & panoramic photographs. even the word perhaps sends chills up my spine. ohhh.


Fitter, faster

i have rediscovered red, red wine, snuck flip-flops into my daily wardrobe and developed a deep, undying love for ponytails. that, and i’m reading like a fiend and drinking at least six glasses of water a day. it’s doing wonders for my skin, as well as my brain whose gears had gone rusty by reading […]


African violet

June 13, 2002

every night before i go to bed and every morning when i wake up, i smile at my african violet that sits content in a terracotta pot beside the futon. sometimes, i run my finger over its fuzzy leaves. once in a while, i even speak to it. “you are so lovely!” i say, giddily. […]


Ladies’ night

June 10, 2002

somewhere in las vegas there is a young man with one less pair of flannel boxers in his closet, a hotel maintenance man cursing the brightly colored feathers clogging up the industrial vacuum, and a bartender who learned to make a new cocktail thanks to the expertise of some ladies who came by on a […]


Rio Volt 250

June 7, 2002

i admit it: i am a gadget junkie. i love tiny electronic toys that fit in my purse, the shinier the better. so, you can imagine how giddy i am because the newest addition to my gadget harem arrived in the mail today: the rio volt 250. after a lot of research, i decided on […]


A good lounge

June 6, 2002

now that it’s practically summer, you may see me lathering on the sunscreen, lounging on a beach chair and watching the sun rise and fall, just like i am doing in the image above, sketched from a photograph taken about 20 years ago. i’m not much for suntanning — i’ve been blessed with brown filipino […]


First cigarette

June 3, 2002

i really wanted a cigarette last thursday. i have never smoked — and have never wanted — a cigarette in my life, but waiting in the cold and dark on thursday night, i kept thinking how nice it would be to have something to grasp between my twiddling thumbs and bring to my trembling lips. […]


The rollercoaster ride (of all the trouble kept her inside)

i am so achy, thanks to the magic of the gears and rails and trains that loop at lightspeed. we rode long, smooth, snakelike coasters and jumpy, shakey, rattly trains. i really do love a good roller coaster — the head spinning, arm flailing, stomach leaping thrill of it all — but i discovered i […]


Hope in small and big things

June 2, 2002

the lakers won again, and ethan turned 2. there is hope, everywhere. just two years ago, we were sitting in the hospital waiting area at the edge of our seats wondering what would happen — on the court and in the room where ethan lay. he was born with an underdeveloped heart, and we did […]


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