Who? You.

February 21, 2002

some people, unfortunately, missed the whole point.

i know that imitation is a form of flattery, and i know a girl using my words as her own is probably her way of saying she knows exactly how i feel and couldn’t have said it better herself, but when i see my words on somebody else’s site i feel like that person has poked little holes in me and syphoned my soul.

i try not to take it personally, but it is personal. they’re my thoughts, my experiences, my moments. sometimes they are trivial, but they’re mine.

it just makes me so sad to think that some people are so uninterested in their own lives that they choose to pretend they are living someone else’s, instead. because in the end, it is just pretending. these are just words, strung together to tell stories and leave impressions on those who read them.

words can never fully convey the way i tilt my head back to laugh, the swell i felt when i first heard the words “i love you,” the question mark wonder of what on earth will happen next. that is mine to keep.


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