With just one look

February 17, 2002

i am tired, but i want to tell you about today: scarlet shaded bridesmaid gowns, zippers that won’t slide up, a rainbow of flip-flops, pricetags that make us laugh, photographs of hands and purple walls, deep bowls of soup and refills of coffee, giggles and whispers, raising voices and wiping tears. tonia can always make me cry with just one look.

“okay, stop, already,” i said, exhausted. “you’re going to make me cry.”

“i will make you cry if i damn well want to.”

(she was telling me that i am beautiful and that boys don’t know what to do with me because i am so wonderful and that God is taking care of me and that time will make everything right.)

the reason i love tonia is because there is never any bullshit. pretending is not allowed, and i shouldn’t even try, because she sees right through it, anyway.


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