Once around the lake

January 10, 2002

i have never been a morning person, but today i got up at 6:30 and met lisaann in front of the community center at 7, hands in my pockets and sleep in my eyes, and we walked. we walked around the reservoir, saw a boy who looked like a guy i used to work with and a woman whose shirt was too big and another guy who wore shorts that were so flimsy they blew in the wind. one man said good morning. “hi,” we chimed back.

through the diamonds of the chain link fence, i noticed an untouched patch of grass and hundreds of dandelions peeking their heads out. a hundred weeds to one person is a hundred wishes to another. i wanted to blow each and every one, watch my wishes rise to the sky and fly away.

once around the reservoir is 3 miles, or 45 minutes, or the latest gossip shared between friends. perfect.

and now it’s 8:30, the time i normally am hurriedly assembling myself for work. instead, i’m drinking a glass of water and deciding which shoes to wear. i feel pretty good, so good that i am already looking forward to my next walk.

there are adventures to be had before 9am! who knew?


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