How do you spell salvation?

January 9, 2002

as we pushed our way through the crowd, lisaann leaned in and said to me, “jesus loves you!” and i laughed. there were several men at the bar with the jesus complex : their faces covered with facial hair and long locks draping their necks. one of said JCs sat coolly against the wall, white scarf wrapped twice around his neck, round specs framing his eyes, a transplant from the 60s. another’s hair stood at least a foot tall, the size of a giant fishbowl.

beside me, a girl whispered to her friend, “there are a lot of cute boys here.”

maybe so, but it was far too hot and stuffy and packed to notice. the room started to spin and my stomach started to growl and the first thing that came to my mind was: french fries.

so, we left in the middle of the set, walking right by jesus, past the giddy girls, through the curtain of beads and onto sunset boulevard where the search for food began.


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