Time out

December 30, 2001

i am coughing hysterically and it just won’t stop. i’ve been sick for almost two weeks now. it makes me so sad and achey and cranky, too. i suppose it’s partly my fault; i have not really taken a good chunk of time to rest until today. it’s been so much go-go-go with my two brothers in tow. but can anyone blame me? i hadn’t hung out with them both in a couple years, so of course we’ve tried to pack it all in there.

today, however, i take my leave from them, as they’ve trekked up the mountain to go snowboarding, while i stay at my parents’ home to try to recuperate (read: sleep).

inbetween bouts of consciousness and swigs of nyquil, i plan to read poetry and scribble in my moleskin notebook. i’ve got great plans for the coming year. i just need to stop coughing first.


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