Shiny and new

December 6, 2001

i am, of course, okay. the shaky feeling has subsided, and my car window is shiny new. everyone rushed to my rescue today, in thoughts and words and action, and i am so grateful i know so many beautiful people. (you know who you are, i hope. i’ve told you once but if i need to i’ll tell you again.)

a good thing is i can now listen to all of those cassettes gathering dust on my shelf. the french tapes i never played in my car because i was too embarrassed to recite my lessons in traffic and the book-on-tape kiehl lent me and the dozens of mixed tapes i’ve made over the years.

just the other day, i was listening to an old mix and a song came on and i could not for the life of me remember what it was. it made me sad. how could a song that meant so much to me at one point barely strike a chord in my memory?

i think i could say that of a lot of things. everything shifts. this morning, i felt like walls were crumbling around me. a year from now i might not even remember today.


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