October 23, 2001

it’s a perfect afternoon for a book, a cup of tea and the sweet strumming and humming of the softies. the sun hasn’t come out today, or if it has, i don’t remember. it’s a nice respite from the blazing beams of yesterday.

i had brunch with claudine and joel this morning. i was in lalaland driving to joel’s place and went about four blocks too far, so i had to turn around. that’s been happening a lot, lately.

with the gray clouds hovering over us, we walked to the diner — a few blocks, without much to say. none of us had had our coffee, yet.

that’s the beautiful thing about us three. we can be silent and still, we can be cranky and annoyed, we can be silly and lame, and it is always okay. we can try to hold back or keep secrets, but the others just won’t allow it. they can still make me blush.

on the way home, i missed my exit, again. i went west instead of east, got off the freeway the first chance i got and had to drive about two miles before i could make a u-turn. i guess it didn’t really matter. i wasn’t late for anything. i didn’t have to be anywhere at all.


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