I used to frolic

October 19, 2001

too much popcorn and too much smoke last night. my throat was scratchy, and this morning i woke up and felt a jabbing pain behind my left eye. i took two advils and bought three shirts and now i feel better. (i was not hungover, if that’s what you’re thinking.)

my e-mail is piling up, and i feel awful. there are so many people i want to say hello to, so many people i miss, so many people i wish i could sequester on an island and just hug, each and every one of them.

where is the light at the end of the tunnel, that one that everyone keeps talking about? i thought i saw it, but then i realized it was just the living room lamp left on and when i went to bed i had to turn it off.

tomorrow, we’re going wine tasting and wandering through a corn maze. i will make sure there are many photos taken of myself frolicking about like a 5-year-old. it’s been so long since i’ve frolicked.


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