Never thinking twice

October 4, 2001

it wasn’t until i lifted my wrist to check the time that i realized i’d forgotten to put on my watch. the missing stainless steel links revealed a stripe of white skin. that part of me never sees the light of day, that part of me is never late, that part of me can’t stand to let go.

i never let anyone see that part of me, and there it was, glaring back at me.

how could i forget that? i gripped my wrist to cover it up and hoped nobody would notice. it is too embarrassing.

how could i forget that? it was easy. as easy as it was to neglect to put on lip gloss and voluntarily show photos of myself with aquanet crunched hair and let beer belches escape my lips. it’s the same reason i didn’t think twice when i slipped on my old pair of levi’s and t-shirt and hopped into my car to drive around the reservoir. it’s a certain kind of comfort where i can reach into the fridge and sink into the sofa and close my eyes to the music and everything is ok. everything is ok.


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