Shiny white and early night

August 5, 2001

to recap: there was dutch apple pie a la mode and planes flying overhead and big wide movie screens and nice walks down the street and hundreds of thousands of dusty old books and hundreds of thousands of new ones and laughter and chatter and silence, the comfortable kind. there was also sleep. a lot of sleep. and a lot of nothing. much needed nothing.

today, i got my car washed. i have to admit that i feel a little frivolous pulling into the car wash parking lot when i’ve got a perfectly good hose and bucket and driveway at home, but it’s one of those luxuries i can’t do without. i don’t get my nails done. i don’t have cable. i don’t subscribe to any magazines. my car was so sparkly shiny white i hardly recognized it, like teeth in a toothpaste commercial.

i am drinking coke out of my favorite glass and listening to a medley of mp3s on my ibook. somebody outside is playing music, and somebody else is laughing. i don’t want it to be 9 o’ clock. i feel like the day should just be starting.


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