June 2001

Party girl

June 28, 2001

there’s glitter everywhere and twinkly lights in my eyes. i’m folding laundry with the jackson five, and she’s cleaning her room with steely dan. we’re getting ready to party. saturday is the big housewarming, and i am all fluttery with nerves. i sat down and made lists, taking stock of what to buy, what to […]



June 26, 2001

it’s getting hot, really hot, and it makes me lazy and cranky and sweaty. i actually considered getting my sweat glands surgically removed, but then my mother told me there were usually complications with those sorts of operations. i imagined the sweat instead pouring from various glands throughout my body, like a pipe that kept […]


Bang, bang

June 18, 2001

i bummed my first cigarette last night, but i didn’t smoke it. i got it for joel, who was too shy to ask his fellow addicts, standing in the cloud of nicotine outside. “it’ll make a good story for your website,” he said. so, there you go. wasn’t that good? * we need to stop […]


Action & adventure

June 16, 2001

the heat is melting my energy away. i can’t stand to do anything for more than 5 minutes before my brow begins to drip with sweat, short-circuiting my brain. i need an electric fan. i fell asleep after writing that paragraph. it’s now almost 8pm, and i’m drinking my first cup of coffee of the […]


Afternoon special

June 15, 2001

outside it’s boiling, inside it’s freezing. i can’t sit still, but i can’t leave. this is no way to spend a friday afternoon. i close my eyes and pretend i’m on summer vacation. i want to hang out in the swimming pool, ride my 10-speed up and down the street and eat otter pops until […]


Open house

June 12, 2001

so this. this is where i live. that’s our front porch. one afternoon, i’m going to wipe down the chair and set a table out there and sit with a book and a cup of something and watch everyone on the street. that’s our big window that i stare out of when i’m sitting in […]


Hold me like you’ll never let me go

June 10, 2001

i am on a karaoke high, music ringing in my ears & sake sinking into my veins. i wore the tiara and the wings and the glitter and floated through the crowd and onto the stage and i sang. i sang. i don’t even know where i learned that song, but each note rolled off […]


Lovely imperfection

June 7, 2001

we all need someone to tell us we’re perfect, once in a while. even if — no, especially since — we’re not. because it doesn’t mean we never make mistakes or don’t do stupid things. it doesn’t mean we don’t trip and fall and stumble constantly. it doesn’t mean we are not complete and utter […]


All that was missing was the smoke

June 6, 2001

sitting there in the bar, i knew exactly what he meant. about feeling small. about feeling like a speck of dust in a pile of boulders. compared to their stories, my childhood was candy coated and rainbow colored. listening to them talk about what they went through, about what kids are going through right now, […]


Escape to New York

June 5, 2001

a year ago, i was plotting my escape. my head filled with dreams, my pants filled with ants, i was so desperate to get out. i wanted to go there at once. today, i find myself buying bookshelves and shoe racks and welcome mats. i am tearing out ideas from martha stewart and pad, and […]


Whatever-you-want-to-call-it fever

June 4, 2001

there is a piece of me that feels 15 and wants to do 15-year-old things, like going to the mall and blowing my money on lip gloss and tank tops and records, going to pool parties and amusement parks and the beach, and following a boy to work to drop off love notes. i want […]


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