December 2000

Stealing moments

December 27, 2000

it’s been so long since i’ve written, and i always hated starting pieces like that. it sounds too much like confession. reader, forgive me for i have sinned. it’s been seven days since my last entry. i kept meaning to steal a moment to write. frightening, really. i’d wake up to christmas songs on K-EARTH […]


Oh, bother

December 19, 2000

the problem with this lovely layout is when i don’t have a lot to say, the page looks like this.


Merry this, merry that

December 18, 2000

no energy. no, none at all. i think i set myself up for this one. i only got four hours of sleep last night, and slightly more the night before, but oh, it was worth it. parties, people, stories, friends. iZone photos are best for drunken portraits in low light. it’s amazing to me how […]



December 12, 2000

there was time to spare, so i decided to try on the velvet pants i saw the week before. “those are screaming your name,” jo had told me on our lunch break. “really?” i asked, scrutinizing the silvery paisley. “oh yeah.” “but where would i wear them?” “to a party. or going out. or just […]



December 9, 2000

my feet are tired, but i feel wonderful. i am in my new apartment, and i am all alone. i’m sipping a big mug of coffee, listening to teenage fanclub on shuffle and ignoring the fortress of boxes that surrounds me. i am giddy — overjoyed by things like discovering my paper cutting board doubles […]


What do I know, anyway

December 8, 2000

i followed the trail of taillights around the windy road, a path i travel twice a day, when the sun rises and sets again. when i moved here four months ago, i got lost along the same road, thrice. one of those times i was near the point of tears. i couldn’t find my street, […]


All girly girl

December 1, 2000

it’s like when i was 15, lying in bed at night, listening to everybody hurts on repeat, wiping tears on my pillow. i shut my door and prayed nobody would knock. i thought my world had ended. whatever it was — a fight with mom, a broken heart, a bad grade, a lost earring — […]


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