March 12, 2009

Nearly another month has gone by and I can hardly believe it.

Rama and I are very slowly settling into our little new house. We’re still living among towers of boxes, but we love it all the same. As each box gets unpacked, it becomes less this house we’re renting and more a home for our growing family.

Growing seems to be the word of the week ’round here. My belly is growing, too! At our last appointment, the doctor said I am starting to pop. I am? I wondered. The next time I took a shower, I looked down and could barely see my toes. I am! I realized. I am still getting used to my new body.

Thankfully I’m in the second trimester now and I am feeling pretty good. The afternoon-to-evening sickness is behind me. I have an appetite again. I can even stay up past 8pm.

The support of our friends and family during this time of growth has been unreal. If I ever start to worry, I just think about the people who love us, and my mind and heart are right at ease. I can’t wait to meet our baby and welcome the little one to our home and to our family.


  1. rama says:

    it’s a turnip!

  2. rebecca says:

    jeremy and I were talking this AM on the bus about how we couldn’t wait to meet the little castro-hughes :)

  3. erlina says:

    aww. can’t wait to see you guys again. let’s do a veg-in-front-of-hbo day again soon.

  4. wendy says:

    oh I want to see the growing belly!
    snacks soon?

  5. stacy says:

    Can’t wait to see you, and the new digs, soon. I laughed when you said that you can now stay up past 8:00 pm. I so remember that time!

    smooches gorgeous!

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