life is sweet

September 28, 2008

I treated myself to this scrumptious cupcake from Frosted in Long Beach after a tiring client meeting two weeks ago.

It’s a quiet Sunday evening. Rama’s working in the office, and I am sitting in our comfy chair in the corner of the living room, waiting for soup to simmer and pizza dough to rise. It has been a lovely weekend filled with family, friends and simple pleasures.

We braved the traffic Friday night to go to my parents’ house where a delicious dinner and four tivoed episodes of Project Runway awaited us. On Saturday, my dad and I made breakfast side by side, blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs. Mom and I saw a chick flick while Rama went for a swim. And we had an iChat date with Ricky, Brooke and Calder, my 2 1/2 month old nephew. There was a lot of cooing.

Last night, Rama and I had leftovers sent home with us by Mom and Dad, watched the end of Mad Men and the beginning of Saturday Night Live. We split a package of Smarties, shipped from my cousin in Canada.

This morning, I met Sab at the farmer’s market. I bought two bags full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and she bought cowboy boots. Afterward, I picked up Rama and we went to the other side of town to see Christine’s ordinary sparkling show in Venice. It was anything but ordinary, and it was so good to laugh with Denise and meet another local artist.

As I sit here with aching feet and flour on my shirt, I feel so content. I have nothing big to celebrate and I haven’t had any earth-shattering revelations, but all the little things have made a world of difference.


  1. stacy says:

    it was so nice meeting you yesterday, lovely neighbor! i have been a fan of your site for awhile.


  2. nina beana says:

    it’s all about the little things. this all sounded perfect to me.

  3. finch says:

    Oh my gosh, SMARTIES.

    I just found out that my local supermarket has a ‘foreign’ section with all sorts of lovely chocolates from the UK and Canada, but I had them and they are just not the same as from the source. I reckon they must make them in the US without the ‘illegal’ ingredients. Curses FDA, why can’t I just enjoy my artificial colouring in peace?

    I hate American smarties but Canadian smarties – Mmmm delicious.

    Thanks for your e-mail :) It made me smile.

  4. crissy says:

    what a wonderful weekend full of love and warmth!
    makes me smile ^_^ thanks you!

  5. wendy says:

    so much better to watch a bunch of episodes in a row! wow your weekend sounded lovely!!!!
    love smarties – there is a tiny english market in burbank that carries them!

  6. melanie (wee) says: that cupcake looks so entirely scrumptious, I am drooling. really. drooling. all over my keyboard. so if there are typos here, I am not to be blamed. It’s the dool. and the cupcake. OMG, the cupcake!!! I am certain the rest of your post was all winning and fabulous too, but I was too enchanted by the cupcake to read it.

  7. melissa says:

    sounds lovely and full of your own ordinary sparkling moments!

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