the urge to write

January 12, 2007

When Rama told me last week that he missed my writing, I told him to go cry in a river.

I’ve been doing this online journal thing for a long time now, and I have entertained the idea of quitting several times along the way. I sometimes felt so much pressure to write and entertain and inform and inspire—it was exhausting. But then a friend reminded me that I didn’t have to do this. Yes, it was a beautiful thing that I was doing, but I didn’t owe it to anyone. When I heard these words, I felt so relieved. Taking that pressure off myself made it fun, again. I could speak up when I felt the urge but stay quiet when I felt the need.

Some people might say that I’ve gone too far the other way and kept my mouth too tightly shut the past year. Maybe so. I’ve been a busy girl.

Now that the site has been moved over to WordPress, it feels new again. I am poring through words I wrote two, three, four, even five years ago. Some make me wince with embarrassment, others make me smile with pride. Regardless, I recognize the value and beauty in these words. And it makes me want to find a balance between living the story and writing it.


  1. lisa s says:

    great post christine – i for 1 hope you write more… but NO PRESSURE :)

  2. amanda says:

    I hope you keep on writing and writing.
    I wait patiently when you haven’t posted for a while and I always know you’ll be back.

  3. Ky says:

    :::beaming at you:::

  4. stella says:

    girl, you do what you want when you want it.. we’re just here to enjoy the ride! xoxo

  5. Fran says:

    I always enjoy it when you post, but I do know, finding that balance is hard.

  6. your biggest fan says:

    i wish i could honestly say “no pressure” but… i guess i can’t. i’ll try to be patient though. the way i’m patient for a new star wars movie or spider-man 3.

  7. Goddess of Leonie says:

    you are a winged angel.

    not sure why i have to tell you this right now, but i do. and as confirmation of this, a white bird just flew by my window.


  8. Chris Garlington says:

    Ack! Quit. As soon as you quit, you’ll come up with so many killer ideas you’ll start again.

  9. kelly rae says:

    i am so glad to have found you over here….and looking forward to meeting you in LA soon.
    blessings and hopes,

  10. Alexandra says:

    I had my one year bloggaversary yesterday and it is a sweet experience going back and reading one’s own log, remembering days you’d forget all about if you’d never written about them then. I’m new to your blog and will just say I can very much understand the desire to write AND the desire not to write AND the desire to wish one’s urge to write would go away-of course that never happens!

  11. penelope says:

    Yay! You’re back! I love your words and have missed them. But I understand the balance thing. :) You do what you gotta do, c-breeze. :)

  12. pixie says:

    I LOVE IT that you’re back! i’ve missed your writings too. this new look is very you and sweet and springy.
    can’t wait to see you soon and hear what’s up nutmeg’s sleeve this year…

    xoxoxo p

  13. bugheart says:

    beautiful blog…
    can’t wait
    to see

  14. love squalor says:

    relishing every little bit, often or not. *smile*

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