holiday gift guide 2006: good people making good things

December 20, 2006

The holiday madness has begun, but you can avoid the insanity by buying handmade from the comfort of your home. Here’s a list of some of my favorite artists and designers selling their wares online. Happy shopping!

Michelle Caplan
Michelle rescues old discarded photographs and brings them back to life through collage.

Camilla Engman
Camilla makes fun and lovely pictures. Her 2007 calendar and prints are sure to please.

Susie Ghahremani / Boy Girl Party
Susie is a wonder. Her artwork delights me. Her hard work and attention to detail astound me. You will want to buy one of everything from her adorable shop!

Lotta Jansdotter
Lotta is one of my favorite designers. Her simple illustrations and warm colors are inspiring.

Christine Mason Miller
Christine is selling her original paintings and collages. The layers of color and words of wisdom make each piece stand out.

Ted and Angie of Pokeo make art for everyday use. Their popular wallets showcase dozens of artists from all over the world.

Port2Port Press
Through The Card Society, Maria shares limited edition letterpress creations with its memebers. This would be a much appreciated gift for paper lovers.

Andrea Scher/Superhero Designs
Andrea is expecting a baby very very soon, so you must get your order in by Thursday, Nov. 30! But trust me, it’s worth the rush.

The Small Object
Sarah Neuburger’s work proves that good things can come in very small packages. My favorites are her clothespin people and eensy weensy rubber stamps.

Small Things Designs
These necklaces are tiny treasures. It looks like it’s too late to order in time for the holidays, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Keri Smith
Keri Smith is an inspiring and brilliant illustrator with work all over the place. Her period chart would be a fun stocking stuffer! I use mine every month.

So many super and fantastic treats! Gayla, one of the SUPERfantastico duo, also wrote a book about gardening that would make a great gift for those green thumbs.

Rena Tom
Every time I wear one of my treasured Rena Tom necklaces, I get a shower of compliments. The pieces are just gorgeous. Rena is also the mastermind behind Rare Device in Brooklyn, a wonderful shop that showcases goods made by fantastic designers.

Sharilyn Wright / Lovely Design
I have long coveted Sharilyn Wright’s handmade journals and address files. And rightly so. They truly are lovely.

Discover more wonderful designers at the following sites:
Cut X Paste
Mahar Dry Goods
Rare Device

And if you want to let Santa — or your friends and family — know what it is you want for Christmas, make your very own wishlist at Kaboodle!


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