wedding wrap-up: neopolitan dreams

May 31, 2006

Those who know me know I am all about the details. The color of thread on a shirt’s hem, the pattern of a handbag’s lining, the font of a bathroom cleanser’s packaging—all those tiny details are often the difference between “eh” and “ooooh” with me. So when I was planning our wedding, I got giddy, and dizzy, over the details.

Throughout the planning, though, I kept them secret to maintain a little mystery for our guests. Now that we’ve lived through the big day, I can let the delicious details out of the bag.

the dress
I went to over a dozen dress shops and tried on several dozens of gowns before I found The One. I didn’t realize that it would be so hard to find something that didn’t weigh a ton, cost a fortune and look like a really bad prom dress, but it was. I had to remind myself that the dress size didn’t define me–that I would, in fact, only be wearing it for one day. Just as I was about to give up, I found it: a Rivini strapless a-line gown in the most ethereal silk organza. I paired it with a veil and a demi-tiara made especially for me by the wonderful Carlyn Calloway. I could breathe, I could twirl and, best of all, I felt pretty.

Girly Details Horizontal pleats, vintage pearls, a row of buttons / Photo by Laura Kleger

the space
Once we decided to get married in LA, it was a given that the ceremony would be held at the church where Rama and I like to go. It’s a beautiful space with a welcoming and vibrant community. We had no idea, however, where to hold the reception. So many spaces I’d checked out just didn’t feel right. An aunt recommended I check out Calamigos Ranch, and I’m so glad I did. The Malibu Hills gem feels more magic forest than ranch, and the space we got was like our very own secret cottage. Rama and I loved it instantly.

The Oaks The entrance to our magic cottage. Flowers were in bloom and twinkly lights were strung everywhere. / Photo by Laura Kleger

the colors
Rama and I picked a pink-and-brown-and-white motif for a lot if reasons, but mostly because we love neopolitan ice cream. Yum!

the flowers
I had a fantastic florist on my side and free reign to do what I please. The main flowers were ranunculus and hydrangeas, with tulips, freesia and eucalyptus berry branches. I decided on vintage milk glass containers for the centerpieces and hanging vase and candles along the deck. The church was still covered in Easter blooms, but we added paper cones with freesia to line the aisle. It looked—and smelled—so good.

Pretty in Pink The flowers were so delicate and sweet. / Photo by Laura Kleger

the invitations
Rama and I both come from a family of artists, so there were a lot of offers to design our invitations. But that was one thing we knew we wanted to make ourselves. Rama and I share a love of children’s literature, so it only seemed natural to use that as our concept. We started by drawing portraits of each other as children. Rama then inked and colored both to match. Those were our save-the-date cards. Rama drew the rest of the illustrations and I added them to the invitations, programs, table numbers, thank you cards and favors as I saw fit. It was a true collaboration, and it gave me confidence in our future collaborations as artists, writers and husband & wife.

First Impressions The front of our invitations read: “There once was a boy who met a girl.”
Lasting Impressions The inside reads: “That’s how the story begins.”

the cake
We taste-tested at every cupcake joint in LA, and Leda’s Bake Shop made the most delicious and best dressed cupcakes by a landslider. We decided on a vintage porcelain figurine atop a 6-inch lemon cake atop a tower of mini cupcakes. The flavors: lemon, carrot, espresso, chocolate and vanilla. The verdict: divine.

Oh Yes A tower of delicious cupcakes. / Photo by Laura Kleger
Up Close Three for you, three for me… / Photo by Laura Kleger

the favors
One of the hits of the party was our candy bar, a row of 5-gallon glass canisters filled with our favorite pink and brown candies. With stainless steel scoops and wax paper baggies at the guests’ disposal, they could take as little or as much candy as they liked.

Enjoy Martha would be proud of the wedding favor display. / Photo by Laura Kleger

the extras
I knew the really little things might go unnoticed, but they mattered to me so I couldn’t let them go. We named all the tables after children’s books and displayed them at the reception, we hung wedding portraits of our family on one of the walls and my talented pal Kim helped me make our guestbook. I’m glad I did it all, because each touch added one more spark of magic to the day.

Guests I love the pink grosgrain ribbon tie closure.
Open Book The title page reads: “We invite you to share your stories, wishes and words of wisdom with us. So much love & thanks.”



  1. Andrea says:

    Christine, your wedding was as absolutely beautiful as I would expect from you.

  2. Ginger M says:

    Wow! Love the whole look. Congrats! I followed the link to here from Joy’s blog.

  3. dee says:

    dying to see more photos, so happy for you!

  4. muck says:

    beeeaaauuutiful!! thank you so much for sharing. i, too, love details and understand how important they are… i love the cupcakes – i want the carrot one!! :)

  5. Lynn says:

    Oh, it’s all so beautiful! The little touches combine to create one magical whole. Congratulations again!!

  6. Morgan says:

    hi! I just found your blog from ohjoy and I love your wedding photos! I was plannin on doing the oversized cookie jar favors as well-but I noticed you had really great little glassine bags! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind telling me where you go those bags and if you printed them yourself or had them printed. thanks so much :)

  7. muck says:

    beeeaaauuutiful!! thank you so much for sharing. i, too, love details and understand how important they are… i love the cupcakes – i want the carrot one!! :)

  8. lindsey says:

    christine, your wedding looks like it was absolutely gorgeous. as i said on joy’s blog, it gave me goosebumps looking at the photos. i’m hoping my own wedding in a couple weeks can be half as picturesque.

    congratulations to you and your new husband!

  9. crystal says:

    Ohmyga. Everything is so lovely!

  10. lisaann says:

    i never got to sign the guest book! i think i was too distracted by the sour watermelon candies [yum!]

  11. Denise says:

    Congratulations! You had such a lovely theme! So cute and artsy =) Love it!

  12. Ryan says:

    Wow, this is inspiring stuff! I bet the details made it even more of a fantastic day. Nice work.

  13. Patrick says:


  14. Alejandra says:

    It’s all so beautiful. No surprises there!

  15. ronnie says:

    I’m not a wedding-planning type of gal myself, but I took one look at that cupcake arrangement you had instead of a traditional cake, and I- *gasp* I made a mental note.

    You have a really really great sense of style and it looks like you had a brilliant and beautiful wedding! :)

  16. susan says:

    Oh, it all looked so lovely! Congrats :)

  17. cruststation says:

    Your wedding looks fantastic, the details must have made everything perfect! Thanks for sharing with us all.

  18. susie says:

    can i get married to you and rama so this can be my memory too, please?

  19. emily ann says:

    oh my word this is the sweetest thing i have ever seen! i am so very happy for you & yours. it looks like it was better than perfect. your little touches are amazing. love the invitations! love you. xoxo

  20. Feisty says:

    You looked so beautiful! And the cupcake tower is awesome. Love it!

  21. Tami says:

    Beautiful details of a gorgeous wedding! Calamigos Ranch is a great place .. my husband and I also got married there. The cupcake tower was a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Wow Christine! You looked absolutely radiant on your big day – and boy, did those cupcakes look tasty!Congratulations.

  23. ricababes says:

    no less than expected :D best wishes to both of you! so lovely!

  24. leesa. says:

    oh goodness CONGRATULATIONS!! everything looks BEYOND beautiful, lady.

    oh goodness CONGRATULATIONS!! everything looks BEYOND beautiful, lady.

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