my life is five open books

March 28, 2006

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five books, one life

Inspired by a recent journal entry by Penelope, I took stock of the books I use in my day to day.

They are (clockwise, from top): My workbook, my journal, a tiny notebook for jotting down quick notes or spitting out pieces of gum, a moleskine datebook and a journal for storing quotes I like. If you click on the photo, you can see in detail what each is.

Books, paper and pens are near and dear to my heart so I ask you, what do you use? One book or five? Lined pages or blank? Pen or pencil? Do tell. I want all the dirty details!


  1. sarah says:

    during the school year i have three – one general purpose note book for work/school/date/shopping notes & reminders; one school day planner for due dates and schedules and such; and one day planner for my entire life including everything thats in the other two (but in one) :)

    during the summer (when i run a day camp) i have at least 4 – one unlined book for notes when im in the midst of camp; one lined book for phone call messages and people to talk to etc; one day planner for dates/family functions/outtings and the like; and one for daily inspirations/funny things kids say/things that make me smile … usually i end up with at least one more work oriented journal/notebook.

    thats just me though … i like to organize too much.

  2. jo anne says:

    right now, i am just actively using one book: blank pages: pen, pencil, watercolors, ink, anything. i can think of two other blank ones = a scrapbook for a past relationship and a journal mostly for words. i used to have little red notebooks for quick notes but they may have been too little coz now i don’t know where i put them.:o)

  3. Emily says:

    i use a ton of journals too! one for big artsy kind of collages, one to write long stories of my day, one for writing on my drug addiction recovery, and then a calendar book! it gets so confusing somtimes to keep track of it all but i dont know if i could put them all in one book!!


    ps- i helped sabrina out with a workshop a few years ago and have a journal very similar to that one, and i STILL cant decide what to do with it, its to special i want to do something special with it! i like the quotes idea!

  4. lori says:

    I’ve always liked show and tell! I have four, well five if I could only find it. I read penelope’s post also and thought maybe if I didn’t continually loose things there wouldn’t be a need to have so many but that would take organization too, which I don’t have. I took pics this morning of all 4, so be sure to stop by.

  5. Feisty says:

    I have a journal for all my most private thoughts, a writing notebook for taking notes or writing lists or writing essays, and a sketch book for random doodles and collages.

    The journal is the only one that’s a bit fancy. It’s lined, as is my work notebook. The other two are just run-of-the-mill notebooks.

  6. anonymuis says:

    two: a book to write all the things im thinking of and a planner book, and i use pen. Oftenly i lose my subject when I view my weblog’s admin panel so I better write about it first in the book and I don’t need to sit behind the pc thinking of what to blog about, i can write about it everywhere i want to in my book

  7. Lynn says:

    I’ve recently begun using the SNAP refillable record book, because that way I can use one book but still be able to organize within it by moving the pages into different sections if I need to (while still looking cool with a record book!).

    I prefer blank, unlined pages, because that way I can draw and doodle and jot down notes anywhere I want to without needing to stay within the lines. And they have to be thick enough to absorb my ink! :)

  8. pixie says:

    you had to ask:

    mechanical pencils, just cheap bics. ONLY pilot .05 G2 retractable pens, black. canson black spiral journal for day to day stuff and some ideas for blog, to do list, etc. moleskine blank page for thumbnails of paintings and texture experiments. it really isn’t made for this, but somehow i’ve made it work. a flavia (because they didn’t have my treasured one) calendar for birthdays. a moleskine brown paper journal for recipes, meal stuff and grocery lists, and (eek i can’t believe i’m telling this) grocery store receipts. i don’t do lined paper.

  9. jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your books!! Today I picked up my next composition book and new pens at Walgreens. I was very excited even though it couldn’t be more plain–I guess because my journal is with me always, and the last one took a year to finish. Seeing yours, I think I too will collage mine for a bit of zip. Unlovely as it was, my comp book went with me everywhere I went, and is precious in all its messiness. I used to not be able to go back and read my journals–made me cringe. Now I’m grateful that I commit stuff to paper–maybe I’m liking my voice more these days . . .

  10. Sarah says:

    I have at least one notebook in each room of the house, and they all contain a conglomerate of unorganized crap!

  11. inna says:

    personal- i currently have 5. blank sketch book for use with pens. one lined bound notebook from college, filled with lyrics of cool songs, most of them in my friends’ handwriting- kinda like a dedication song page. two journals, both from two completely different stages in my post college life. 1 for my poems and letters not meant to be sent. i think it’s safe to say that nobody but me has read or seen any of those entries/sketches (except a couple of sketches i posted in my blog).

  12. Carolyn says:

    I have a dayplanner thing that I use to keep track of my work schedule and school assignments, a 5 x 7 sketchbook for carrying around in my purse, a 9 x 12 sketchbook for bigger things, and a pocket moleskine for quotes.

  13. rachael says:

    i thought nobody was into notebooks and journals anymore :)

    i try and keep just one journal at a time, otherwise my thoughts get scattered, literally. it’s currently a thick small leatherbound book with a marbled cover (think amelie). unfortunately the thickness means that my cutting and pasting is making the binding come off the spine. ah well.

    i also keep a small spiral bound sketch notebook for writing notes for my articles in.

    i seem to buy pens only from the korean gift store. they have to have black ink, not so fussed if they are 0.38 anymore…

  14. citelulah says:

    i use cheap drawing notebooks. they’re soft bound, blank and i use a mechanical pencil for drawing/writing. i hardly use a pen, showing my o.c. side (i have to be able to erase something i might regret). what’s in it? it’s kinda like this site – every knick knack in my mind. mostly business ideas, graphic design layouts and a lot of clothing sketches.

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