slowly and surely

February 7, 2006

When people ask me how the wedding plans are coming along all I can think to say is “Slowly but surely.” There are so many things to do, but I can only do so many at a time. So I take it bit by bit, one slow thing at a time.

I go to a bakery after a post office run. I glance at the registry check list while I eat my lunch. I look at apartment listings before running back out again. I take deep breaths and say prayers that the evil Bridezilla spirit will stay the hell away.

“You’re doing really well!” Rima says.

“Really?” I ask. “I feel like my head might implode.”


I never really daydreamed about my wedding the way some girls do, but I have to admit I am enjoying the process. Even the uncomfortable, messy and stressful parts.

And last week, our parents met for the first time and it was nothing like a movie. It was just good food, stories and laughter until the early morning.

As much as I love thinking about the stationery, the flowers, the cake, that’s what it is to me. Our families. Our love. Our life. Coming together, slowly and surely.


  1. becky says:

    you’re right on the money christine…and if you keep reminding yourself of that final paragraph in this entry, there’s no way you’ll ever become bridezilla. :)

  2. denise says:

    yes…keep your heart focused on the whole reason for putting this event together.

    your love and commitment.

    the guests will be thinking about that more than the details as well…

  3. Wendi says:

    You’re going to have the most amazing wedding. And an even more amazing marriage.

  4. pixie says:

    i’ll say this-you are going to be a beautiful bride!! the day will be so wonderful! when my light peach flowers showed up dark orange on the morning of my wedding, i took a deep breath. “i like orange…”i said over and over. smile for the camera!!!! dear, everything is going to be perfect. you will be gazing at your lover and in a romantic trance all day!!!! love you…

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