August 11, 2005

I don’t normally play blog games or spread memes, but I can’t refuse my favorite Penelope. So, okay. Here are five idiosyncrasies of mine:

1. I have a funny walk. I didn’t know I did until my friend Erlina saw a picture that Rama drew of us on his web site and told me she recognized it as me because of the funny walk. “I have a funny walk?” I asked Rama. “Oh yeah!” he said. It has been described as a waddle—a cute one.

2. I hate peas, but I like split-pea soup. I’m told that fresh peas are different, that I’ll love fresh peas, but I’m doubtful.

3. Sometimes, I start a letter by writing a draft on a scrap piece of paper (or in a text document). When I’ve written and read and re-wrote and re-read the letter, I’ll transfer it in nice handwriting on nice stationery.

4. Speaking of writing, I am always in search of the perfect pen, and I am protective of the ones I like. I purposely bring a crappy pen in my purse to give out when someone asks to borrow a pen. That way, if they forget to give it back, I haven’t lost anything precious.

5. I can get sucked into almost any movie on television—no matter how crappy it is. An example: Rama and I were supposed to go out one afternoon, but Gremlins II was on. After 5 minutes, I was hooked and ended up asking him if we could finish it before leaving.

What are some of yours?


  1. rama says:

    I’ve had four sets of teeth!

  2. lisaann says:

    i have a habit of yelling “woo!” at inappropriate moments. heh.

  3. machiko says:

    i have to rip out all the annoying little postcards in magazines before i can start reading them.

  4. josie says:

    i do that pen thing, too. and machiko — those postcards are definitely the most annoying thing on earth.

  5. Serena says:

    *i pick up mannerisms/catchphrases from the people around me quite easily (e.g. the way my chem teacher writes her S’s, my friend’s favorite phrase: “oy!” etc.)

    *i am a pen-elitist like you. i looove ink pens, and ballpoint pens are a sad (but often necessary) subsitute.

    *like machiko, i like to take out all the ads sticking out of magazines and recycle them before i continue reading.

    *i talk to myself. (which, by the way, i believe everyone does; some people just refuse to admit it.)

    *i collect things i find beautifully designed–like starbucks napkins. is that weird? oh well. ;P

    P.S. i learned the word “idiosyncrasy” in 7th grade and i fell in love with it immediately! (i love words. i’m a nerd in that way.)

  6. miha says:

    — i hate putting in a new roll of toilet paper, so i let it sit on top of the old empty one
    — i don’t like socks

  7. Swirly says:

    I cracked up reading your list, because I too dislike peas but love pea soup and I am TOTALLY weird about my pens. Uniball micro tip, black. Anything else won’t do. :)

  8. SoNiChi says:

    I do the whole crappy pen in my purse thing too! hahaha!

  9. christine says:

    I love that I’m not the only one with a pen problem.

  10. jemma says:

    I favor uniball microtip as well – though I got the multipack with rainbow colors because any color will do as long as it fits my mood. I have been guilty of writing letters in red, which is hard on some eyes. Also, fresh peas – aside from being incredibly easy to grow, you can eat the whole pod. I had some for the first time this year and it is a lifechanging experience (as is eating any organic, farm fresh vegetable!)

  11. sonya says:

    5 idios, huh?
    i can’t stand my bare feet touching a fuzzy blanket (I must have a sheet, or wear socks or some barrier)…
    i am a complete pen freak (especially exotic colored ink)…
    i have a button jar full of odd buttons my grannie, mom & I all collected over the years to decorate random things…
    j’adore images of the eiffel tower…and anything remotely raspberry flavored completely gags me…oy vey!

  12. sonya says:

    5 idios huh?
    i can’t handle the feeling of my bare feet under a fuzzy blanket (need a sheet, socks or some barrier)…
    I am also a complete pen freak (especially if the ink is some exotic color)…
    i have a button jar full of interesting/fun buttons that i use for random decoration (started & passed down from my granny & mom)…
    J’adore anything with the image of the eiffel tower…
    anything raspberry flavored makes me gag! oy vey!

  13. Erlina says:

    Did I say you had a “funny” walk? What I meant is that the illustration perfectly captured the Christine Walk, which I didn’t even realize I could recognize until I saw that illo. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the Christine Walk, Giggle, or Trip (haha) in ages….. :(

  14. Annie I says:

    1) I also have the pen thing. I prefer the Uniball microtip & do not like to share them!

    2) I do the same thing with letters! I sometimes have even thrown out a half-written letter because I made too many mistakes (grammer, spelling, handwriting) only to rewrite it.

    3) I hate raisins. I’ve tried to like them, but I just can’t.

    4) I like my underwear to match my clothes. To make it simpler since I had my son, I only have black, white, and blue. (Is that just too weird & embarrassing to admit?)

    5) It sometimes takes me months to remember the correct pronunciation of certain words. It took me a summer in Paris before I said “monsieur” correctly. (I kept saying “moan-sir” or “miss-sore”.) All year, I have been calling asagio cheese “az-ee-ah-go”. I’m usually good with vocabularly; I just have weird blocks.

    PS I was down with a cold this week…I found the invite & have been making the list. I’ll mail it out to you guys this week. :)

  15. Sweet Princess says:

    * Whenever I see toilet paper put on the roll with the paper coming out the bottom, I flip it..no matter where I am.

    * When Showering: It drives me mad when I turn the water on in the tub and it is already in shower mode. I jump every time.

    * Funny walk here, too. My friends call it ” a glide.”

  16. jenny vorwaller says:

    ohhhhhh ditto ditto likewise for your #2 about peas. split pea soup is just the best! but egular old peas? feh! :D

  17. arlyn says:

    sorry, i’m late…congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    the pen thing really gets to me too. it drives me nuts when people toss the cap aside. i also carry ugly pens in my bag just in case. in addition to the uniball, i have pens that my students got together and engraved and would die if ever it got lost.

    i store my current read of the month in a ziploc baggy in my bag…maybe because i’m afraid of getting chocolate on it.

    must drive barefoot.

    i need music on if i’m in the bathroom getting ready or in the kitchen cleaning up.

    i smell my pups’ paws (i have two doxy girls) and always smell the scent of graham crackers.

  18. Charlie says:

    choosing the right tea-mugs – only dad can have the ‘baa’ mug, or it just doesn’t make sense…

    also, i leave socks everywhere.

  19. jane / mismay says:

    haha. there’s really nothing worse than writing ‘deer’ at the beginning of a letter. especially on stationery that took hours to choose.

  20. sarah says:

    i hope it is okay to post this here as it is not about the post! but, christine, i got a sticker in the post of you from rama as a surprise today! it is so darling! :-) you are a lucky girl to have such a creative, artsy guy who makes stickers of you and sends them all the way to me in michigan!


    ps thanks so much, rama, from the goodies! i i hope it is okay to post this here as it is not about the post! but, christine, i got a sticker in the post of you from rama as a surprise today! it is so darling! :-) you are a lucky girl to have such a creative, artsy guy who makes stickers of you and sends them all the way to me in michigan!


    ps thanks so much, rama, from the goodies! i

  21. Samantha says:

    I’m not sure if you’re interested in this..but I think it’s important to let you know someone took the watercolor painting of yours of the tree with pink flowers and used it on their website: expage.com/copthat

    grr I’m annoyed…because they didn’t even mention you at all!

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