I am grateful for you

November 24, 2004

I started keeping Good Things lists on Thanksgiving Day many years ago. After getting dressed for dinner and before going downstairs to join the party, I’d sit at my computer and type out all the good things I could think of. Everything that I was thankful for. The lists were long, rambly and sometimes ridiculous. They included the people in my life, the elements of the earth, the clothes in my closet, the food that made my mouth water, the music that made me wanna dance. Nothing was too big or too small for the lists. I wouldn’t stop typing until I listed at least 100 people, places and things, and it was never difficult to exceed that by several dozen. It was my own little secret tradition.

I haven’t made such a list in years, but tonight, while I am battling a fierce bout of cramps, while I am procrastinating packing for my weekend in San Antonio, while I am praying for my mom who was admitted to the hospital tonight for observation, I think being grateful for all that I have would do me a world of good.


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