Radio silent

August 4, 2004

I don’t want to talk about where I’ve been or why I’ve been so quiet, but here is what I can tell you: The weather has been gorgeous. Usually at this time of year, it’s too hot to handle. Instead, we’ve been blessed with 80-degree days and 60-degree nights and a cool breeze throughout both. My basil, mint and chive plants are the only ones that have survived my neglect.

My travels have taken me to the Philippines, Miami and San Diego, and I hope, still, to visit San Antonio and San Francisco before the year’s end.

Right when I started to get the hang of my digital camera, it broke. It’s going to cost me at least half an ipod to repair it. I don’t take photos every week, much less every day, but I already miss it.

I have watched over a dozen movies and the first two seasons of Alias. My favorite films of the year so far include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, Mean Girls and Spider-man 2. I have a soft spot for 50 First Dates and Anchorman. I still have to see Fahrenheit 9/11, and I feel really guilty about that.

There is a lot of pink in my wardrobe right now, something I never would have expected. If I wanted to, I could dress head to toe in the girly hue. But don’t worry, I don’t.

Most days, I am really happy. When I say that I am about to explode, you can bet that it’s from too much good rather than too much bad. When I get cranky, it doesn’t last.

I can hardly believe that it’s already August and I’m almost 29.


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