My friends, the Fishers

May 17, 2004

As if my love for the Fishers didn’t run deep and wide enough. Now I have two hundred reasons to adore them even more: Six Feet Under: Better Living Through Death, a 208-page history of the family’s life.

The beautifully designed and bound book includes such treasures as Nathaniel’s letters to Ruth from Vietnam to instant messages exchanged between Claire and Billy to exerpts from Charlotte Light and Dark. In true Six Feet Under fashion, the writing is smart, funny and touching, and the attention to detail is immaculate.

The only bad thing about this book is that it feeds the obsessive part of me that thinks the Fishers are actually real.


  1. devlyn says:

    I’m thinking that that’s what is supposed to happen. I am also deep into the Fisher’s lives, and don’t want to leave. Sad, but true. Oh, I heart the internet for all its worth.

  2. the stinkowitz says:

    i would love to read it. does your bookshelf qualify as a lending library?

  3. mysan says:

    who’s “R” on the tree?

  4. Ricardo Maltaban says:

    Does it stand for me, Rrricardo maltaban?

  5. Person says:

    It stands for Rama.

  6. mysan says:

    uh, okay. Who’s Rama?

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