Let’s celebrate

April 29, 2004

Cover art for a mixed CD

This weekend is all about celebrations. My friends Seth & Stella are renewing wedding vows made last fall, my grandma turns 88 years old and Rama and I look back with gratitude and awe at our first year together. There will be lots of cake and ice cream, hugs and high-fives. And I’m going to Disneyland!

What are you going to celebrate this weekend?


  1. kathryn says:

    my boyfriend and i will be celebrating our upcoming move to a new city, by driving there to explore its parks and shops and ice cream parlors.

  2. Chrishawn says:

    Love the cover art. My hubby and I are going to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary (which was actually yesterday); but hey everyday is a day to celerate! :)

  3. katharine says:

    Seth & Stella — best couple names ever!!! Wow, that would be a great company name. If my name were Stella. Or Seth. Which it’s not. :)

  4. becky says:

    I will be celebrating my completion of the Vancouver marathon this weekend :)

    I look forward to celebrating together when I return…high fives, cake and ice cream sounds perfect! And maybe a free trip to Disneyland! :)

    see you soon – have a wonderful time!

  5. Chioma says:

    I love that picture. You are always sharing art with us so I wanted to share an artist with you: http://www.kurthalsey.com ! It’s good stuff. Also, what songs are on that mix cd?

  6. Chioma says:

    Oh in my excitement I forgot to mention that this weekend I will be celebrating the relase of “mean girls”. I am very cool.

  7. ronnie says:

    I will be celebrating The Beginning of the End- The last week of my undergraduate instruction starts monday!

  8. marie says:

    we’re celebrating my birthday!!!!

  9. jenny says:

    finishing my first year of college. hurrah hurrah.

  10. leon says:

    going into work on Sat for 4 hrs, then going surfing right after. have fun at the bdays, and especially at disneyland! :)

  11. Katrin says:

    I will be celebrating time with my new love, the right one finally, and with my daughter, a two-year-old love growing stronger every day.

  12. Emily says:

    wow. 88 – great number!
    also, lovely illustration. celebrations are lovely. and i, sadly, have nothing to celebrate, except perhaps the conclusion of a 2000-word law essay i will be glad to finally complete!

  13. Astra says:

    I’m celebrating my 1st ever paycheck ( :

  14. crissy says:

    i’m going to celebrate “being a hermit”! it is time for me to retreat! ^_^

  15. Marieke says:

    Today we celebrate queensday in The Netherlands and wednesday we celebrate libaration day and rememberance day. So lots to celebrate over here. personally I celebrate making the deadlines of my last college projects and I always celebrate good weather :)
    Happy celebrations to you!

  16. kali shanti says:

    my best girlfriends college graduation!

  17. lisaann says:

    yay stella & seth! yay christine & rama! hugs to all of you!!!

    this weekend, i shall sleep in and then spend hours within the aisles of home depot! …and get ready for the holland lop nationals next weekend! woo!

  18. penelope says:

    My wedding. (yay!)

  19. Elaine says:

    I was wondering the same thing Chioma was, what’s on that mix cd? For myself, the weekend celebrations have already started with a cup of hot tea!

  20. christine says:

    Wow. All kinds of reasons to celebrate. I lift up my glass to you all!

    The mixed CD has some of my favorite girly tunes. Anything from Diana Ross to the Flaming Lips. I can’t post the track list, though, because some of you who read this may get a copy! Shhh.

  21. lucia says:

    what an adorable illustration! who’s hiding behind the bundle of ballons?

    you’re weekend sounds like it’s going to filled with lots of love in the air. the best way to celebrate!

    this weekend i’m going to celebrate the joy of the dreamworld – more sleep, going to see an exciting performance by my african dance teacher, visit mother nature and ask her for more peace and more greens, and i’ll be spending some leisurely time in the printmaking studio making a mess with ink!

  22. Jody says:

    I’m celebrating the first weekend in my new place!!

  23. Slap McFudrand says:

    I am going to celebrate string harmonics and elastic degredation of peanut butter. I like sandwiches and toe wrinkles. Are you watching the news?

  24. Josie says:

    I’ll be celebrating being able to read and play and listen to music!

  25. Moe Moe says:

    I’m celebrating the fact that the website my friend Jackie and I started (www.moeyyo.com) is getting off the ground!
    I still need to work on it to put up my jewelery, but I’m trying to graduate from college, so it’s gonna take a little while! Oh yeah, I graduate from college in 21 days!
    Congrats Christine! and have fun at disneyland.
    P.S: thatnks for reminding me to appreciatethe good thignsin life!

  26. christine says:

    i will celebrate my sister’s graduation from law school this weekend with her soul still intact! hooray!

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