Let it snow

January 29, 2004

mom, the snow & me
Mom and me, Big Bear Mountain, ca. 1980

I know I don’t know what cold really is. I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life, and I can probably count the times I’ve seen the snow on my fingertips. I don’t know how it feels to bundle up head to toe. I have never had to worry about my car getting buried alive. I don’t know what below zero even means.

Still, I daydream of marching home down icy paths, making snow angels and tossing snowballs at friends, and waking up in the morning to find the whole world covered in a blanket of blinding white.


  1. sylvia says:

    What a charming mother-daughter picture!

  2. cat says:

    i wish for the cold to go away. you can come and steal it if you want. here in iowa, it’s below zero every day, with highs often reaching heights of three! it’s thrilling walking to class, feeling like my face will freeze off.

    the scenery is beautiful, though. :) there’s the tree outside my window, with snow on its limbs, and the glittery flurries blustering past streetlamps. it’d be great if i just never had to leave my bed.

  3. Katie says:

    Considering I moved from an area where the teens were cold to a land where I’m discovering a “feels like -21 degrees F” on my desktop weather tonight, I’m not sure I’d ask for TOO much cold.

    Although waking up in the world to find the world covered in white is a wonderful thing. I reccommend doing this in an area of the world where this will cause your local metropolis to grind to a halt and give you a blissfully free day for maximum effect. Trudging home from playing outdoor games to hot chocolate is best done during normal working hours.

  4. ellie says:

    Aww! You were so incredibly cute!! Not surprising at all, of course, but it’s just that you were really incredibly cute! And so tiny! You mom looks so stylish too.

    I can definitely identify with the not-having-experienced-true-coldness thing. I love snow because it looks pretty, but that’s just in pictures; I’ve never even seen real snow. Below zero sounds like a death sentence to me.

  5. j says:

    you’d love my (small and european) town right now. we have inches and inches and INCHES of thick deep white sparkling snow, the temperature has dipped below zero and the sky is a sweet cold steely pretty wonderful cerulean baby-blue…

  6. Ani says:

    Come to New York City. It is completely cold and snowy right now. Nice pic!

  7. leesa says:

    aw. that photo is so super great. pretty pretty ladies.


  8. mabelle says:

    I love that photo! You are so beautiful, you reming me of my little daughter. I also understand, I was born and raised in Puerto Rico were the Caribbean weather rules! I remember when I was little wondering if snow was little a icecone (shaved ice) and if I could pour flavored syrup on top….

  9. Rachel says:

    don’t know what below zero means? this morning when I woke up here in Duluth, MN, the wind chill was -54

  10. chrissy says:

    my best cold and snow memories are getting up while it is still dark in the early morning, listening to the school cancellations on the radio with my mom, and doing elated dances if we heard my school closing!!!

  11. the stinkowitz says:

    i grew up in south florida. i only saw snow 2wice before i left home.

    when i got to college though, school was closed for one day because of snow. i ran home from my cancelled class. I rolled around in the snow, made a tiny snow man (it hadn’t snowed much), and tried to instigate a snowball fight.

    my schoolmates laughed out loud at me. “there’s not enough snow for a snowball fight.” it had only snowed an inch and i was soaked with mud more than anything else.

    that night though, it snowed again. i browsed the campus directory, called every student from florida, and invited them to my midnight snowball fight. fifty people showed up!

    and there’s something extra special about a snowball fight at midnight.

  12. penelope says:

    It really is nice. But I’m more than happy when spring comes around.

    I love that picture. How cute!

  13. lisa says:

    miss winter-girl is my favorite drawing of yours yet! your own personal (wonderful) mark becomes more and more evident in your art.

  14. Veronica says:

    I invite you to look at some snowy Chicago photos. I love the snow, but this year it is really getting to me. It is horrendously cold and everything is covered with a layer of ice.
    The sun has been shining most days, which is a good thing, if you don

  15. Emily says:

    go to northern china sometime in december. it’s beautiful – and terribly cold.

  16. Sarah says:

    I’m with Rachel–yesterday when I went to get groceries it was -20 degrees here in Cottage Grove, MN. And that’s without the wind chill! When I was small, my brother and I would wade out in the snow, barely able to move for all the clothing we were wearing. We would spend as much time as we could handle making snowman families until we finally had to go indoors, cheeks stinging from the cold. Ah, back in the days when MN had REAL winters!

  17. Alli says:

    What an adorable photo of you and your mum. You were such a cutie back then! (And you are still today.)

  18. Toni says:

    You inherited your mother’s beauty, for sure. What a wonderful photograph, a nice addition to a wonderful blog. I love your work, both written and illustrated. (Written as I sit beside a window showing inches of snow on our deck!).

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