June 13, 2003

it’s been so long since i’ve opened my heart up to a piece of candy, but this week i found my soulmate sitting atop my desk. i didn’t know if it was safe to eat — i kept thinking about what moms say about candy from strangers and i didn’t even know who this piece came from — but my coworker revealed that he brought it from vancouver.

i liked looking at its pink-and-white trimmed wrapper and i repeated its name under my breath, cremello, cremello, cremello. when i finally put it into my mouth, my whole body sighed.

to be frank, i was a little bit sad because i knew it was the only piece i had and i knew that it would soon melt. i knew that it was from canada, and after some research i discovered that it was a british brand, and i might not ever taste it again. it’s kind of like those lifesave cremesavers, i realized, so after work i picked up a bag but it’s not nearly the same.


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