They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games

February 10, 2003

this is soupy, my sock dog. he’s not really a dog. he’s an orphan rabbit who’s just pretending. shhh, don’t tell him you know. he thinks he’s fooled ’em all. (note: other sock dogs are hers, not mine.)

but can you blame him? the other pets — sock dogs and kitties, alike — have the good life. they just sit in the sun all day.

they even get fed well.

this little pup doesn’t care what soupy is. “soupy,” green says, “you can be a sock hog, for all i care. you’re the bee’s knees! the cat’s meow! the dog’s bark, even!”

if only we were all so lucky. love without bounds. best friends forever.


  1. rosa says:

    These are absolutely lovely!

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