Dear Paul

October 23, 2002

dear paul,

can i call you paul? i know you go by PT these days, but i just can’t bring myself to do it. i also like paul thomas, but that sounds too much like a soap opera name. so, paul it is.

so, paul, i have to confess that i’ve had a crush on you since that article in the LA Weekly when Boogie Nights came out. (at first, i typed Boogie Knights, which sounds like a bad broadway musical waiting to happen.) you had just dumped that winona ryder lookalike who worked at Buzz with me. i forgot her name, but i just remember how mortified she was that you were on the cover. you were a no-name then. i read that piece and fell in love.

then i saw Boogie Nights and, later, Magnolia, and yeah, it was confirmed. you are brilliant, albeit a little messed up in the head, and i want to marry you, or at least be your friend.

but paul, darling, you’ve really done it now with Punch-Drunk Love. it’s so beautiful and sad and strange, like love itself. anyway, i just had to say hello because you’ve been on my mind since i saw the film. they seem to seep inside my brain and stay a while, kinda the way you do.



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