Hearts on sleeves and smiles on faces

August 13, 2002

the boy with the loose hips and coke-bottle glasses turned out to be a king of convenience. we saw him at josh’s crepe party last night; you couldn’t really miss him, because he was bouncing and shaking all over the place. gangly arms and infectious smile. i thought, what a funny little boy.

when he and his friend with the messy brown hair walked up on stage at the troubadour, i could only laugh. “it’s the boy who was dancing in josh’s living room. it’s him,” i said to stella.

except he didn’t seem so funny or little, anymore. he and the music they played were larger than life.

they turned off almost every light in the house and covered tom petty’s freefalling, urging everyone to sing the chorus. everyone did, including me, and i was glad the lights were off because i didn’t want to have to look anyone in the eye. (i feel like i am freefalling.) i stood there in awe at how the band got the audience to finger snap and toe tap and sit perfectly still on cue.

during a song called, i would rather dance with you than talk to you, he leapt off stage, grabbed a girl’s hand and twirled her around. i envied her, but i envied him more. how lovely to be them right now, i thought, to make a whole room sing and spin and smile.


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