Like three Saturdays

July 8, 2002

i know it’s been a good weekend when i can’t muster up any good stories, because i’m too busy living them. instead, the remnants of such weekends are found in messes in my house and the smile permanently glued onto my face.

come sunday night, evidence of the fabulous four-day weekend included leftover desserts in the fridge, opened sacks of soil, stray beads on the hardwood floor and lists sloppily scrawled into a notebook, which read something like this:

“yellow daisies and purple petunias and pink ginger plants. fried chicken and corn on the cob and ice-cold lemonade. glass beeds and 22-gauge silver wire and elastic thread. green and red and blue and pink polka dots. turkey burger with cheddar cheese + avocado + lettuce + tomato + mustard. fresh strawberries. va savoir and ocean’s eleven.”

oh and how can i forget the sound of music sing-along? we watched one of my favorite movies of all-time alongside senior citizens and drag queens, eating brie sandwiches and berry salad and singing to the songs we liked best, under a chilly and starry night.

when the little boy and girl dressed as “a needle pulling thread” marched up to the microphone and cooed the words to my favorite things, i nearly lost it. it was all just too much for me take.


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