Do it all over again

November 14, 2001

i think i fell asleep for five minutes, sometime during won’t get to heaven, when the lights were flashing purple white orange red, when everything was such a blur that i decided to close my eyes, instead. i wonder if anyone noticed, but i doubt it, because the whole theater seemed to be in a trance (except for the lady plugging her ears in row F).

it wasn’t that i wasn’t enjoying it; it was actually the opposite. spiritualized mesmerized me so much that i felt at complete peace, like i could just melt away into the white light and sound waves.

afterward, stella and i stopped by my house and filled a grocery bag with an assortment of bottles to take to the lads’ pad. i had half a beer and felt the belches rise up my body. i should have opened the raspberry wine, but i was afraid of forgetting the bottle there and it is special to me. i started to fall asleep, again, with my cheek to the clean carpet and my glasses pushed up crooked against my face.


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