Confetti stars

November 8, 2001

i’ve got paint on my fingertips and shards of paper on my lap. there are two envelopes unsealed and undelivered beside the jar of dirty water and a blurry polaroid beside that.

god, i missed this. making things. making a mess.

and the look on your face and the sound in your voice and the feeling i think you feel when you get it. something i made. for you. it’s priceless.

i used to make cards for my mom for no reason, fold up a piece of typing paper in fours and color it with smudged ink and say something sweet, like hi, i love you, thank you for being my mommy. i don’t do enough of that.

i think a hundred sweet things every day. i grin twice as many times. and i don’t think to tell what is behind my twinkling eyes and grinning heart enough.

i haven’t written a letter to my grandmother in months.

i want to wrap the world in a big hug, awash in color and covered in glitter.


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