July 13, 2001

so, i am in love.

with a computer.

my new computer.

an ibook.

it’s just how i like ’em: sleek, shiny and sharp. and so stylish it makes your eyes hurt. i can already see this becoming a co-dependent relationship; i came to my parents’ house to take them to the airport tomorrow, and i couldn’t bear to leave it at home alone.

i still remember playing decathlon on our apple IIe in my brothers’ bedroom, hitting the keys so hard because i thought it would make me run faster. i still remember ricky teaching me how to make scripts that say hello what is your name. i still remember when we got the SE, and the whole family oohed and ahhed around the desk because the mac was talking to us. we shared the machine for so long, and then i got my little performa, and i didn’t have to hide secret files or beg ricky to let me use the computer, anymore. at one point, we had three phone lines and four computers in our household, and this was before dsl and cable modems, otherwise we would have networked, for sure.

i think about the boys and girls who are hitting puberty and already have email accounts and screennames and websites, and i wonder what they will be like when they grow up. when they get out of school and into jobs and out of their parents’ house and into their own places. i wonder what the world will be like, with these people who are multilingual, not in any romance languages, but in html and java and perl.

i mean, look at it now. and look at me. boxes and wires and rainbow apples have changed me. it’s kind of amazing, really, if you think about it.


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