July 8, 2001

i spent the afternoon in chinatown. it was an experiment in photography and cultural analysis. or, a late lunch and shopping spree.

and what makes it chinatown? chinese characters on street signs, a bank of america with a slanted roof, paper lanterns and american flags. chow fun, dim sum, boba. silk slippers, peacock feathers, jade bracelets. there is something so surreal about seeing an american wear a straw hat down the boulevard.

stella and i went to take photos for an upcoming project, but it felt more like vacation. we ate noodles and drank thai iced tea and bought happy, fun trinkets.

the girl at one of the shops tried to charge me $2 for the ring that was labelled 99 cents.

“i keep forgetting i must look like a tourist, not a photographer,” i told stella.

in the middle of the heart of the town is a wishing well divided into specific areas of need, like wealth, health and lotto. it reminded me of those carnival games where you toss the coins in the glass dish to win the prize — where your quarter lands, there also lies your luck.


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