Party girl

June 28, 2001

there’s glitter everywhere and twinkly lights in my eyes. i’m folding laundry with the jackson five, and she’s cleaning her room with steely dan. we’re getting ready to party.

saturday is the big housewarming, and i am all fluttery with nerves. i sat down and made lists, taking stock of what to buy, what to serve and who to expect. i feel myself becoming my mother, and i can hear my father telling me i am getting carried away. and maybe i am, and maybe she did, but everyone had a good time at the parties she threw. everyone went back for seconds and the house was roaring with laughter and buzzing with chatter and the party lasted through the early morning hours.

the questions repeat in my head like a broken record: will they come, will they mingle, will they have a good time? i hope, i hope, i hope.

after you dim the lights, turn up the music and leave the door open, there’s not much more you can do. the party comes comes to life on its own.


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