happy anniversary, mom & dad

March 31, 2001

tomorrow, my parents will have been married 34 years. this astounds me, if only for the mere fact that thirty four years is almost one and a half times my age.

but what astounds me even more is that, after all this time, they are still deeply in love. i know this, not because they told me so, but because of the way they live. because of the respect they have for one another; because they have endured bad times and celebrated good times together; because they are forever forgiving; because they still manage to go on adventures; because they can make each other laugh; because they finish each other’s sentences; because they wash each other’s underwear; because they share the remote control; because they still go out on dates; because once in a while i see my mom’s face beam or my dad’s eyes twinkle; because when they cuddle on the sofa his arm automatically reaches around her and her head finds his shoulder and they just fit.

for those reasons, and many more not mentioned, they inspire me, and for that i thank them.

i also thank them for, you know, giving birth to me, but that probably goes without saying.


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