Good luck

March 28, 2001

walking into my cubicle this morning, i found a plastic bag filled with dirt sitting beside my keyboard. as if i weren’t cranky enough already, i thought, somebody’s leaving crap on my desk? and what was this person doing at my desk in the first place? and why is today such a horrible god awful ugly depressing day?

i poked the plastic and untied the bag. it was gravel, not dirt, and there was something green underneath. i dug through the wet stones and realized what it was: a bamboo plant, a gift from peter.

the other day, we talked about plants and life and growing things and growing up, and i told him that those tiny bamboo stalks were supposed to be a sign of good luck and god knows i could use some of that right now.

so he bought me one.

i ran into his cubicle, smiling. i wanted to tell him how much it meant to me, but all i could say was thank you. and then i walked back to my cubicle, poured some water into a styrofoam cup and planted the stalks firmly in the gravel.


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