Day trippin’

March 6, 2001

so, i am sitting in the conference room, sipping my already cold coffee because it’s there and why not, crossing and uncrossing my legs for the hundredth time because i just can’t seem to get comfortable, taking notes furiously because if i don’t keep my hand and brain occupied i am sure i will fall asleep, and i look around myself and i wonder how i got here. they are talking big, and i am wondering when turtlenecks made a comeback and musing that taupe must be this season’s new color and marveling how much making a business deal resembles the flirtation of two 8-year-olds.

i start to take notes that make me want to giggle, and i hold my pen tightly and rest my palm on the paper just perfectly as to hide what it is i’m writing:

buzzwords: negotiation, deal, fair, revenue, resources, robust, integration
male-to-female ratio: 5-1
number of turtlenecks: 2
number of taupe shirts: 3
number of white board demos: 2
number of powerpoint presentations: 0

that is the first half of the day.

the second half of the day: we drive to the city and the sky is blue — blue! — and we smell the ocean breeze and we visit a small dotcom in the basement of a warehouse and we eat warm sourdough bread and san francisco looks somehow different to me and i remember why it was i thought i would end up here someday.

on the way home, i get a left window seat like he suggested and i stare out at the cityscape colored by the sunset, and he’s right–it’s beautiful.


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