Out of town

January 16, 2001

sleeping on the floor, i remembered 1984 when our house was buzzing with people. that summer (the summer of the olympics in LA), we opened our doors to family and friends and i think we had more than 20 people staying in our 3-bedroom house at one time. my bed was always the first to go, because i guess my bedroom was pretty and frilly and thus more presentable to guests than the dirty-sock filled room my brothers shared. i was sent to a small slice of carpet beside my parents’ bed, but i didn’t mind because they had a TV in their room.

that’s just what you do when you have guests. you put a vase of fresh flowers on the dining table and fill the kitchen with tasty snacks and constantly ask them if they are okay or if they want anything. you drive them all over town, going wherever they want to go, and you have lavish meals, eating whatever they’re craving. you talk and listen and laugh, a lot, and you repeat this cycle throughout the weekend. you take photos, so many photos, and you’re tired of standing still and smiling big but you take them anyway, because you will want the memory later on. when they say, “you are such a good hostess,” you smile sheepishly and say thank you, just like your mother did. and when it is time to go, you hug and wave and say goodbye as they walk away through the sliding doors. back in your empty home, you sigh relief, but you are also sad, because you miss them already.

remnants remind you that it was indeed a good weekend: empty orangina bottles, dirty dishes in the sink, blankets strewn on the floor, overdeveloped and off-center izone photos, and a pile of CDs from the shopping spree(s).

april march, chrominance decoder
barbara manning, 1212
barcelona, simon basic
belly, star
beth orton, trailer park
dusty trails, dusty trails
jellyfish, bellybutton
stereolab, emperor tomato ketchup
syrup usa, all over the land
teenage fanclub, bandwagonesque
velocity girl, simpatico

tonight, i am thinking about the web my life has woven and large land masses that get in the way and how a lot of it, okay most of it, has to do with this.

how has the internet changed your life? write a five-paragraph essay with evidence supporting your thesis. be descriptive and specific.


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