June 2003

Half and half

June 27, 2003

he was dressed for golf from the knees up. his feet, wearing loafers with gold buckles and dotted black socks, were ready for work. her string of pearls and lavendar sweater set were perfect for high society, but waist down she looked like just another orange county housewife. –blue awning caf


Dipping my toe in the shallow end (the water’s fine)

June 24, 2003

last night, we talked about swimming. i realized i hadn’t swum in months–maybe even a year. i haven’t swum because i don’t like sharing the water. we had a pool in our backyard growing up, and i never had to worry about interruptions in my laps or glances at my imperfect curves. rama told me […]


The booty don’t stop

you may not have heard of my favorite new album, but i'm convinced you should. it's the The Booty Tape, a mix of booty-licious songs that was found in Michigan some years back. found magazine genius editor Davy Rothbart shared this treasure on his booktour, and his little brother performed a cover of one of […]


Do-good idea

what a fine idea. support your local, or not so local, library by donating books via amazon.com. a school in my hometown is even on the list, but i won't tell you which. for as little as $10, you can make many children very happy. just think: they might get a crush on you for […]


Hush little baby

June 19, 2003

i don’t normally like to dream out loud. i like to keep things secret until i know they are real. it’s a lack of confidence, maybe; a safety net because i think i might fall and i don’t want you to be there when it happens. but i want to be braver. the process is […]


Swiss cheese

June 17, 2003

lately, i have been thinking a lot about swiss cheese. i have been thinking about holes in stories and messages between lines that never get told. i like you, and i enjoy sharing bits of my days, but i don’t tell you everything. you know that, right? sometimes, i feel guilty, like i owe you […]



June 13, 2003

my upstairs neighbors had a beautiful baby girl named nola lee. she has the pinkest lips and cheeks. i stood over her as she slept. five, maybe ten, minutes passed by without a stretch or a shift from her. “she laughed earlier,” said her uncle. “no, she didn’t,” laughed his wife. “well, she smiled,” he […]



it’s been so long since i’ve opened my heart up to a piece of candy, but this week i found my soulmate sitting atop my desk. i didn’t know if it was safe to eat — i kept thinking about what moms say about candy from strangers and i didn’t even know who this piece […]


In passing

June 11, 2003

i’ve been hiding somewhere between here and the moon, resting my head on clouds and gazing at the sun. i’ve been at a loss for words, not because nothing has happened but because so much has happened. i don’t know what else to say. i told sabrina, “i still don’t know what it is i […]


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