February 2003

Childhood friend

February 27, 2003

the thing about mr. rogers is i don’t even remember the details. i don’t remember anything about his house, i couldn’t tell you the name of any of the neighbors, i wouldn’t be able to recount any story lines. i can only see his smiling face. i just remember that i would walk home from […]


Aren’t we all?

“i hear you had a birthday, i hear you’re getting old,” said the man with salt-and-pepper hair. “aren’t we all?” asked the middle-aged restaurant owner, wiping counters and circling tables. he paused, then added, “i’m sorry. i wasn’t implying that you were.” “i’m not getting old,” the other man answered. “i’ve been old for a […]


Pretty silly if you ask me

February 26, 2003

so, it turns out i’ve been doing this for four years. four. i remember when one year was a big deal, two was pretty impressive and three, three was like, oh my gosh, i have spent a lot of time on the internet, haven’t i scary. but four? four is just pretty darned silly. four […]


Name that crayon

oh, crayola crayon chronology! where have you been all my life? all this time, i've been trying to remember the name of the light purplish pinkish color that rhymed with whistle and the browny color that looked like poop and there it is, there all the colors' names are, on one single easy-to-access page.


The blue period

February 20, 2003

walls painted like skies at the blueberry cafe mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the blurriest of them all? “goodbye,” says the suitcase to the chair. “i’m leaving you.” lightspeed ahead, or faster than normal on my way home all photos taken with lomo lc-a, test roll #2, and an unsteady hand


A token of my affection

February 14, 2003

Plight of the Writer

February 11, 2003

It’s not like I have a crush on you and instead of writing my five-paragraph essay I am sailing paper airplanes across the room at you– it’s not that I can’t wait for the lunch bell to see your face again. It’s not like that. Not exactly. — “The Flight of the Reader,” Billy Collins


They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games

February 10, 2003

this is soupy, my sock dog. he’s not really a dog. he’s an orphan rabbit who’s just pretending. shhh, don’t tell him you know. he thinks he’s fooled ’em all. (note: other sock dogs are hers, not mine.) but can you blame him? the other pets — sock dogs and kitties, alike — have the […]


Translation, please

February 5, 2003

i met a boy who collects foreign words and i like that idea. collecting words, like pebbles or fortunes or ticket stubs. i used to know how to say i’m hungry in nine languages, but i only remember five. tabatchoy (tah bah choy): someone overweight; a term one would use to tease, much like “fatso.” […]


My first lomo

i am like a little kid on christmas morning: i have so many new toys and i don’t know which one i should play with first. my lomo camera, my wireless dsl, my scanner. i’m even excited to line the shelves of my new vintage dresser!


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